Events and Parties

Having a home party, large gathering or corporate event? I am a talented psychic and Medium that will provide unique entertainment making your party or event a favorite of your guests. As a graduate of Atlantic University, and having received training at Lily Dale and Arthur Findlay College in the UK. I am experienced in connecting people with information from realms beyond the veil.  If your party or corporate event is large, I suggest a Gallery Reading. Note: If the event is further than 50 miles away a travel fee of $200.00 will be applied.

Individual Readings

If you would like me to attend your party and provide individual readings for each person there these are the rates: Two or more guests, $75.00 each for 30 minutes, $125.00 each for 60 minutes. If there are more than six guests the host gets their reading for free!

Individual Readings Reservation Fee

Individual Readings Reservation Fee – $80.00.


Gallery Readings

This is great option for events such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and business parties.  Cost of the event is $300.00.

For events with up to 10 individuals everyone is guaranteed a message from spirit.

For events with more than 10 individuals not everyone is guaranteed a message, but everyone is guaranteed to leave believing.

Gallery Readings Reservation Fee

Gallery Readings Reservation Fee – $80.00.


Traditional Service Sessions

The following are available as individual appointments.

Note: If you are located outside of the region and would like a session with me  I will use Zoom to connect with you at the appointed time.

Psychic Reading

During a psychic reading I will intuitively obtain information from your energy field, or aura, and provide you with some insight about people, events and situations in your life. Psychic readings can offer peace of mind, help resolve longstanding issues and offer clarity and direction.


Mediumship Reading

In a mediumship reading I will connect with the spirits of your dead people that are willing to step through and communicate with you and I channel those messages from them to you that they wish you most to hear.


DreamWorks Session

In a DreamWork session we will explore your dreams as a way of problem-solving, gaining new self-awareness and understanding your dream symbols.  The session will be geared toward allowing the you to discover the meaning of your dreams and applying their meanings to your life.


Spiritual Mentoring Session

In this session we will work together to clarify your spiritual needs and goals in more detail and help you to formulate an action plan in order to help you remain committed to the process of meeting your spiritual goals. As a Spiritual Mentor my role is to support your emotional and spiritual needs and to help you recognize your true essence. Spiritual mentoring is not religious or dogmatic. My role is to provide guidance and support as you uncover your own answers and connect to a more authentic sense of Self. Your relationship to God, as you understand God, is vital. Together we will clarify, explore and enliven that relationship.